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The best way to report a claim is directly to the insurance carrier pursuant to the information contained in your policy or claims packet.  You can also submit an Acord Loss Report with attachments to Amy Jones at   


To ensure prompt, efficient claims handling, please make sure the loss notice includes:

  • Policy number and full name of policyholder(s)

  • Exact location of loss and a detailed description of the occurrence

  • Phone numbers where policyholder and claimant can be contacted

  • Name of the contact person at the policyholder’s location

  • If the policy investigated, the incident number and telephone number of the policy department

  • Contact information for any witnesses


In an event of a loss, please advise your insured to:

  • Take measure to protect property from further damage

  • Obtain emergency repair receipts, photographs, invoices or other documentation of the claim

  • Report the loss to the police if the claim involves a commercial auto or is due to violation of law such as suspected arson or vandalism


Please send in your loss run requests to Amy Jones at

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